About openfree Tiger Genome Project

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Name of the project: openfree Tiger Genome Project (OTGP)


Headquarters: Genome Research Foundation, Suwon, South Korea.(However, it is an open project and any group is welcome to share the leadership).

Type of the organization: non-profit accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the South Korea government.

Operation countries: world-wide.

Phone: 031 888 9311
Fax: 031 888 9314

Website : http://tigergenome.org


Description of organization's mission.
Sequence the whole genomes of tigers and analyze them bioinformatically to map tiger genome diversity for the species preservation. 

Programs that OTGP conducts, oversees, or administers.

  • Tiger genome sequencing
  • Bioinformatic analysis of tiger genomes
  • Analyzing tiger genes and their functions

Our fundraising program categories
Human Rights


Registered non-profit?

Our organization is registered as a non-profit.

Our organization's programs provide the same services for people of all faiths.

Yes, we provide the same service for people of all faiths.


The establishment of OTGP: Apri 2010.


What is the annual operating budget of Genome Research Foundation?
over 3 milliion USD.


Does Genome Research Foundation keep financial statements?  Yes.


How many full-time, paid staff does your organization have?  12 by 2010. 


How many part-time or volunteer staff does your organization have?  2 by 2010.