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Open Tiger Genome Project (TGP):

- Jong Bhak

An international and open project for sequencing and analyzing tiger genomes (and other big cat genomes).

Tiger Genome Project is a public service that is launched in order to preserve tiger, a level 1 endangered species designated by the Ministry of Environment.

Genome Research Foundation, desires to complete the standard reference genome of a Korean (Amur) tiger by sequencing and analyzing the genome. We are preparing a research on the genomes of different types of tiger and how they have evolved. We are also proudly promoting the development and acquisition of technology by analyzing the genome of a tiger, a symbol of Korea.


Let's save the tiger genomes


English : http://tigergenome.org/

Korean : http://tigergenome.kr/(호랑이 게놈 프로젝트 홈페이지)


The project was sponsored by TheragenEtex, a genomics company.


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Totalomics genome sequencing service



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