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Tiger Genome Project (TGP) is an open and international public project.



Korean side development:

Tiger, a symbol of Korea and world favourite animal has been designated by the Korean Ministry of Environment as a first rate endangered species.

The estimated number of existing Amur (Siberian, Amur, or Korean) tigers, which have preserved the bloodline of Korean tigers, is about 400 in 2010, and their conservation in the wild is urgent.

There are diverse projects to protect the tigers, both domestically and internationally. In preparation for the extinction of tigers, their genomic information should be procured through genetic researches. 


In 2011,  Genome Research Foundation, designated as a Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy variome data center, has completed the standard reference genome of Amur tigers by sequencing and analyzing their genomes in collaboration with Everland, BGI, Seoul National University, and other teams. 


  The research results are the outcome of multiple analysis techniques of genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis technology, including genetic function prediction, and will be used to trace the evolutionary steps of the tiger and to preserve and restore the species.


  We are currently leading a participative research in the form of Open Tiger Genome Project (oTGP) to promote engagement of many researchers and common people across the world. Companies and individuals can participate in the research and in collecting samples, and we appreciate tiger genome donations as this was not initially funded by government but by private insitutes in Korea.



<TBI, Genome Research Foundation, and Everland>


  ♦  Present Participating Institutions :

   Theragen Etex, EverlandBGI, Seoul National University, Korea Tiger Preservation Fund, Stephen O'brian's group in NIH, National Science Museum, Soonsil University, SangMyung University, SungShin Women's University and so on.





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