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1. We are foreseeing the advancement of next-generation genome analysis and completion of the tiger genome with the world's first tiger genome project.

2. We lead a participative research in a form of Open Tiger Genome Project (OTGP) to promote engagement of many researchers.  We collect the genes of a tiger and investigate their functions, and a synergy effect is generated by the genetic analysis technique and collaboration study. Common people can also participate, and we appreciate donations from organizations and individuals.  

3. We are in cooperative relationships with global research institutes, and operate to secure biodiversity of species of the nation by continuing the study on their genomes.

  • Collaborative partners

  1.  Theragen Etex, Korea
  2. Genome Research Foundation, Korea.
  3.  BGI , China.
  4. Everland, Korea
  5. Steve O'brian's group in USA
  6. Seoul University, Korea
  7.  KPGP and PGP



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